Atticus and meHello and Welcome to The Journey of Hope!

Becca here! I suffer from Persistent Depressive Disorder but back in the day when I was diagnosed it was called Dysthymia.  I was diagnosed about 20 years ago or so and have struggled ever sense.  This blog is about my Dysthymia and how I am healing through Expressive Art Therapy and a total change of attitude and lifestyle.  By sharing my journey, I hope to get the word out about depression and help stop the stigma that depression often carries when we talk about it.  We have already starting talking about depression and mental health but it is not enough.  We need to continue on this journey so that those with mental health issues don’t feel like they need to hide.

“We need so much more openness, transparency and understanding that it’s OK to talk about depression as an illness.  It’s not a weakness.  It’s not a moral shortcoming.  It’s not some thing people brought on themselves.”

 John F. Greden M.D.

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