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Depression is…

I have really been struggling the past couple of weeks and so my posts have gone down. I am hoping that after I come out of the episode I will be able to start posting regularly again.  Please stay with me and I will… Continue Reading “Depression is…”

And it all came tumbling down…

The last couple of weeks had been going so good, I wasn’t necessary on top of the world but I wasn’t in the pits of hell either. I was functioning, I was able to get stuff done, I wasn’t dead dog tired, so tired… Continue Reading “And it all came tumbling down…”

Music and Depression

A few years ago, I was seeing a therapist and at this particular session, we were talking about my commute from work.  See, I live about 40 minutes from my job if the traffic is good, but when I am driving in rush hour;… Continue Reading “Music and Depression”

Welcome to Becca’s Bibliotherapy!

I had never heard of Bibliotherapy before until it popped up in a web search while looking for Art Therapy sites. I happened on Good Therapy.org and according to the article Bibliotherapy, “Is a therapeutic approach that uses literature to support good mental health,… Continue Reading “Welcome to Becca’s Bibliotherapy!”

Day 2: Letting go of Emotional Pain

This particular piece was harder for me to write and much easier for me to create.  I think that was, because for me, I could see the pictures in my mind and knew what it looked like, but to put that into words; well,… Continue Reading “Day 2: Letting go of Emotional Pain”

The Hills and Valleys of Depression

Everything was going great, I was jazzed about my blog, the people it could reach, the people that I could help.  I hadn’t seen my therapist in a while so when I went to see her this last week I was pretty pumped up… Continue Reading “The Hills and Valleys of Depression”

The Nature of Art and Depression

  I have always enjoyed the outdoors. I love to hike and camp, and whenever I was feeling down if I could get myself to take a walk, I always felt better afterword.  So, when I started learning about drawing and how to look… Continue Reading “The Nature of Art and Depression”

Day 1: What depression looks like through my eyes

A conversation with myself When I look at the collage that you made about your depression, the biggest piece that stands out is the “I’m Fine” pictures, you have two of them.  When someone asks you how you are, do you always say, “I’m… Continue Reading “Day 1: What depression looks like through my eyes”

100 Days of Art Journaling for Therapy

A workshop I am taking that is helping me explore my depression and who I am through art.

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